Saturday, 2 June 2012

O2-Guiness World Record for Recycling

I usually try to support products of companies that make recycling as one of their main objective and O2 is on top of my list.

In a week's time,O2 has achieve no company has ever done before by the help and support of O2 employees who unselfishly devoted their time to gather more than 100000 phones and raise £38,000 for activities geared for the youth.

O2 Recycle was part of the company's program, "Think Big" sustainable drive-it's a money back scheme to provide nonprofit programs for the youth.

Before the week started, text messages were use to spread information to employees and customers. O2 employees where made to make small groups that provided drop off points and maximize 3900 employees. From network engineers, marketers and call center personnel to home workers and store staff helped in the noble task.

 In October 7 to 14, 2011, mobile phone that was collected was worth £2.50 and the money will go to fund the “Think Big” youth programs.

Now O2 staffs can attach “World Record Holder" to email signatures and also have recycled the phone numbers.

The program was so successful that it gathered more than £500,000 to fund the “Think Big “program. The money will be used for young people to be trained for work and become entrepreneurs.

O2 is involve in more than 300 projects that geared towards youth development, youth center programs, children protection, sustainable programs for local areas, raising funds and manning the Children in Need phones.

O2 has long been creating Eco friendly phones and support energy conservation, greener technology and devices.

Rubbish Removal London Recycles 80% of the garbage collected.

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