Tuesday, 10 July 2012

15 Easy Ways To Reduce Electric Bills in The Kitchen

15 Easy Ways To Reduce Electric Bills in The Kitchen

The appliances that we use in the kitchen are the biggest contributor of our electric bill. To minimize this electric shocking bill there are many things we need to know about our appliances. 
Here are follows:


Fridge is the biggest energy consuming of all. The older it is the higher its energy load. To save energy we need to replace the old with a new one with an energy saver mark and CFC badge to help our ozone layer from destruction. Our old fridge will not go into waste because it can be recycled. Because there are 120 pounds of steel in it that can saves an equivalent of almost 290 kilowatt hours.

There are many tips we need to follow in order for us save energy on our fridge.

a. Keep our refrigerator closed and refrain from opening it if when we don't have anything to do because it will be harder for the machine to generate the coolness therefore it will need more energy.

b. Sealed the dishes that was stored in the fridge because the moist that release from foods can make the fridge work harder to keep cool.

c. Unplug the refrigerator if you are out for weeks in a vacation. This will help you conserve energy at the same time will keep you out from short circuit that will lead to fire.


We used oven to bake cake and pastries in the kitchen. It is also energy consuming appliances. To minimize this we should follow these tips.

a. Install your oven away from your refrigerator because the heat that emit from oven will make the refrigerator harder to work and it will lead to more energy it will consume.

b. Used a convection oven rather than ordinary oven because it only uses one third the energy of an electric oven and it also heat more evenly. Cooking time will be reduced.

c. Keep the oven closed because the temperature will drop by every time the door open. Trust your recipe, it will never go wrong. 

d. Preheat the oven only when necessary because it consumes more energy when preheated.

e. Clean the oven after each use. Check if it's has cracks and tears that can allow them to escape.

Stove Ranges

We used this for cooking our meals and everything in the kitchen. The proper way on how can we conserve energy on this are follows:

a. Used gas instead of electric when cooking.

b. Choose a pot the same diameter as the burner. Always make sure your burner is clean, Rubbish Clearance London. Every color of flame represents something like yellow flame meaning your stove need to be repaired because there is something wrong with it. Blue flame means your stove is in good working condition.

c. Reduced the heat you need as they say less is more. It will also save us from burning our meals.

This is used to wash our plates, glass, spoon and fork but did you know it is also biggest contributor of your electric bill. Here are the things you need to follow to save energy.

a. Run the dishwasher at night because water rates at night are low compare to the day. 

b. Always clean your dishwasher because it will be harder for them to work if there are foreign particles in it. Thus, need more energy.

c. Air dries the dishes instead of heated drying.

Kitchen lighting

Lights in the kitchen are very important because without it we cannot see what we do in the kitchen. There are tips we need also to consider to save energy from it.

a. Changed your standard light bulb with CFL's because it saves more energy up to 75%.

b. Turn off the light when not in use.

There are many ways on how we can conserve energy in the kitchen. We need only to be responsible on how to use our appliances. Turn off everything when not in used.


  1. Thoughtful post with a store of knowledge. Actually maximum number of electric bills are in-cries by the refrigerator, oven, microwave, grinder, rice-cooker ect. Those product are related to our kitchen. But I think our electric bills can also in-cries by television, computer, air-conditioner, different types of light. fan ect.

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  2. hey great post you have here. These past couple of months I had a hard time dealing with this electric bills here, and your post is very timely. Thanks for the ideas.. great day to you :)

  3. Thank you so much for these tips. I really need to do some kitchen arranging since my refrigerator is just beside the oven. I never actually thought of this, until now (consulting your HVAC contractor Dallas is a good thing to be able to determine if you have appliances that are consuming more electricity than usual). I also had no idea that water rates are lower at night than during the day. This is just a very informative post.


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