Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Recycle Your Bike- A Ride of Hope

 Your childhood will never be complete if you have never ridden a bike. As a child, the joy of riding a bicycle is so fulfilling. Because you can go anywhere, you can feel the breeze of the wind in your face. It's like as if you we're flying. It is the experience that you can never forget as a child.

But there are people who miss riding a bike in their childhood; maybe because they don't have the means to afford a bicycle or they are simply afraid to ride the bike. Because riding a bike for the first time is not easy. You need to balance yourself in the two wheel vehicle. But once you know the secret of riding, you can never forget and it will stay there forever.

There is this man name Ron King who got inspiration after watching a video clip in the news about donating bikes. Soon, Ron decided that he wants to give away 100 bikes before Christmas next year to the kids who don't have bike. So he started collecting a bike one after the other. As words of mouth started to spread out about his project, people got so inspired by him that they started to donate their own bikes. Soon Ron collected over 400 bikes in a span of three months in his backyard.

This is the start of Recycle Bikes for Kids. More volunteers in the community and nearby city join in the campaign. Members of local biking clubs and bike enthusiast also donated their old bikes. Some volunteers who don't have bike donate their time to clean and repair the bicycle instead to make it useful to the kids.

Soon Ron and his volunteers we're able to collect and repair an over 3,000 bikes that they can give to the less fortunate kids.

Everything is possible if you just believe in. Just do what you think is right and have a motivation that you do it for the common good and soon enough everything will follow. And Ron believes in it.

Recycle Bikes for Kids is such an inspiration to everyone. You can help other people even in a small way. A collecting effort of everyone if it combines delivers a big impact. By giving a bike to the less fortunate kids is like helping their whole family because their family can also use the bike for their transportation. It is the chain result that the Recycle Bikes for Kids foresee.

Recycle Bikes for Kids also partners with local charities so that they could help more people. And they also use the social media site to attract more volunteers who wants to share their bikes to others.


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