Sunday, 17 February 2013

Effortless Way To reduce Cost and Energy to help the Environment

Effortless ways you can do now to lessen your environmental impact, reduce cost, and live a enjoyable, fulfilled lifestyle.

Reduce Cost and Save Money 

Adjust your thermostat a little below your normal settings in the winter and lower your air-con in the summer to reduce your electricity cost.

Replace your entire incandescent bulb at home with compact fluorescent bulb and watch your electricity cost go down.

Remove your appliances from the socket when they are not in use or just use a smart power strip to disconnect your appliances automatically to stop phantom or vampire energy adding to your energy cost.

Try to use cold water for washing clothes. Almost 85 per cent of machine wash clothes energy is used to heat the water.

A clothes line consumes no energy compared to machine drying. If you can't avoid using them then use dryer balls to speed up the drying process.

Replace your shower head with a low flow and it will lower your water bill that can repay for the efficient shower head you use.
Attach a faucet aerator on your faucet. This will help maintain heat and save water while keeping the water pressure constant. 

Try to walk or bike going to work. Alternate commuting and walk/bike to save on gas. It will save you lots of money on gas and gym membership that provides a way for you to exercise.

Install a simple water filter to save from buying bottled water. Try to bring your bottled container to school and work to avoid buying water bottles. 

Rubbish Clearance 

When looking for second hand items try using the internet to save on gas. Check out items on Craigslist and free sharing for furniture, appliances, and other items offered for a low price.

Try to read books in the library to save money from buying a hardcopy. Books are made of paper that comes from trees.

Borrow power tools if you’re a weekend DIY worker. Reduce clutter and storage for not so  frequently used gadgets.

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