Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Most Neglected Materials We can Recycle

There are a lot of things you can recycle besides cans, bottles and cardboard if you just let your creative mind work. Most of the stuff lying around can be recycled if we just do our share.


 You might find it funny but there is a recycling company called Bra Recyclers that buy and sell bras for a business. They have exporters and organization worldwide to help qualified women with used or unused bra as they stand up to self reliance.

Make sure the bras are in good condition, especially the clasp and straps are working. They also accept new bras and keep the tags on to indicate that they are new.



Most shoes worn out after 500 miles but many are still usable  There are many companies that recycle shoes such as NIKE that will make your old shoe new again or reUSE  it. Sometimes we outgrow our shoes but not totally worn out, you can pass them down to a kid in a neighborhood or just send it to


Hair can be recycled too. Locks of Love is a non profit organization that gives hairpieces to children suffering related to hair growth. Their goal is to provide self confidence for disadvantage children.


Most of us have Cd's lying around. Re purpose them to create shinny decorations in the living room and garden. You can create dumbbells, lampshades,blinds and even a chair.
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