Sunday, 6 January 2013

Free E- Recycle Event Eco Park

Waste Clearance London-People who worry how to dispose their electronic stuff have the opportunity to dispose them for free.

State Senator Joe Robach have joined with Time Warner Cable, Sunnking, Waste Management and Monroe County for a electronics recycling event Saturday.

The people have responded and brought along personal computers, printers, phones, tv and they sis not even have to unload there electronic products at Monroe County's Eco Park in Rochester.

"In addition to the drive that we sponsored and did and notified people on, this ecopark here, a joint venture between Monroe County and Waste Management, is up and running full time to try to have a place where people can get rid of all their things in an environmentally sound way," said Senator Joe Robach.

The Eco park receives electronics for recycling free.

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