Saturday, 26 January 2013

Love Food Hate Waste Campaign

Altering our perception to reduce food waste seems like a simple task but it is not. We definitely know that wasting food is a crime to humanity, but majority of us admit that we do it to a certain extent.

The reports are alarming because one third of worlds food generated is wasted. This waste can feed 900 million human beings. What a waste of food! 

In order to tackle this surmountable task we must first learn our subject and its traits. According to Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) campaign that their are 60 linked causes of Food waste such as lifestyle change, Environment and food knowledge.

We don't have a instant solution for this. Some have different situations and unique solutions to their food waste. Sometimes parents tempt kids by overcooking and workers waste food because of a busy schedule at work. 

Here are some important strategies to reduce waste. We must determine the food waste causes and hoe people reacts to it individually. Slogans with global tone such as  food security, energy and water are too far fetch that it will take a long time to see the improvement for food waste. As the prices of food increase the THINK EAT SAVE campaign can spark instant 

Make sure we know want we want and make it simple.  “buy what you need; eat what you buy”., by targeting easy goals we can make a viral change.the LFHW program has prevented an estimated 1.1 million tonnes of food, worth over £2.5bn, from being wasted by UK households.

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