Thursday, 3 January 2013

How To Make A Compost from Food Waste

One of the best techniques to stock food waste before transferring  to the compost bin is by using a tightly sealed kitchen compost pail or you can also use any plastic container with lid.
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Place this near the kitchen so that you can easily transfer your food waste into the pail. Try to transfer the contents of your compost container when its full or when the is a foul odor coming from the food waste. You can also cover the container with paper or newspaper to reduce the smell or gnats.

Transfer the collected food waste from your container to a much larger bucket .Wash the pail and be ready for the next batch of kitchen waste. A 4-5 gallon container is appropriate for  this. Check out your nearest junk shop or hardware store. 

Make sure the bucket is accessible from your kitchen so that you can easily empty your food waste.  

One of the best solutions for fruit flies or gnats from going over to your bins is to cover the lid with newspaper and also reduces the smell that is coming out from your compost.  Make sure to change the newspaper when it gets damp and falls apart.

To further reduce the odor and fruit flies, cover the compost with  some peat moss,sawdust, rock dust,leaf mulch or good soil.

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