Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Easy Recycling Tips for Kids

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Kid's Recycle

You can effortlessly safeguard our environment even if your just a kid! This easy to follow guides can further protect  our  water system, sources of  energy ,wildlife, reduce rubbish in landfills and  lessen harmful gasses like CO2 that leads to global warming of our planet. 

So try these recycling tips and make sure to encourage your parents to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recycle and Reuse

Segregate your trash and try to form a group and look for cans and bottles in your community and convert them for cash in your local recycling station.Earning while helping the environment is a lot of fun. Rubbish Clearance London gathers all your recycled bottles and cans and brings them to the nearest recycling center.

Recyclable batteries

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Try to use recyclable batteries in your toys instead of single use types and dispose them properly. One recyclable battery’s energy is equivalent to hundreds non-rechargeable ones. Always choose a WEEE licensed contractor to handle all your electronic gadgets. Clear it Waste can handle your E-waste for you if you don’t know how to dispose them properly.


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If you love to read then go to the library or borrow from a friend or when you buy try to have it on E-book. This can help lessen our waste in paper and reuse products that still can be useful.

Plant Trees

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Plant your surroundings with leafy trees especially on the South area. It will help shade you from the heat of the sun and warm your house during winter. Trees purify the air that we breathe and They also generate oxygen and limit carbon dioxide.

Join Recycling Campaigns

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Participate in any recycling and cleaning drives in your community. An active community in waste recycling can help reduce garbage and litter  because people are aware and vigilant  about the effect on our environment. They will help clean and educate the people about recycling and litter.

Leaky Waste

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Check all your faucets for drips in the house and have them replaced immediately by the plumber. A single drop in a leaky pipe per second can lead to 2700 gallons of water in a year.
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We must start young in saving our environment  in order that we  still have a wonderful place to live when we grow as adults later on.

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