Friday, 31 August 2012

Ecological behaviour - how?

Ecological behaviour
- how make it possible?

How manage the change needed?

Recycling, can be done in different ways. I used materials from silver tools and recyclined it into Silver handicraft. Another way is when rubbish from our daily lives is used by industry later on transforming it into energy and other new products. Another way is when clothes etc is given away to second hand shops for people to buy instsead of that it all would have been thrown away.  

In march this year it was time for Earth Hour. Some of us joined the circle of non electricity users for an hour but afterwards.............most of us turned electricity on again. I know many of us want to care more about the planet and act in a more proper ecological way. The problem many times is that we are court in our habits and have a hard time changing them.  

Photo from my garden

How will change be possible? What is in it for me- instantly and on long term goal satisfatcion?


 - Do you really want to change your  present habit of acting?

YES           NO 


What is your goal on short term and long term changing your habits?

Short term                                                 Long term


what could you do to start acting more ecological?


When is a good moment for you to start?

As a professional I work with rehabilitation as occupational therapist and art therapist. I often use principles from cognitive behavioural therapy  at work coaching people changing their habits.


Ecologic vegetables from my Garden

believe  that changing the way of using the planet resources is primary based on an inner decision of creating a more holistic and ecological way of acting in daily activities. Its also important to choose a start point that is suitable for managing the first step. Its impossible to change all at once, the point is to decide one step that you know you will manage, and then try it. Go to action!

Baggböle, by the river from my blogpost Meaningful activities

I will give you some examples how goals could be formulated:

1. Start walking to work instead of using the car - do it 2-3 times a week as a start.

2. Turn of the computer at lunch break at home or/and at work, - do it 2-3 times a week as a start.

3. Buy ecological fruit instead of other - start with bananas, kiwi as the non ecological kiwi and bananas are FULL of sh_t and people working with these non eco fruits get sick and die!

4. Turn into ecological choises of coffee and tea - as the non ecological choises are FULL of shit and people working with this non eco kind of coffee and tea get sick and die!

Dear friend - start with one or maybe two things to change - feel richer when you make change. Maybe after a while you add some friends into your eco-circle and after a while it grows into a great eco-unit.

Make an ecological contract with yourself


Start Making Difference for yourself - and the planet with all its inhabitants!

I thank you for reading and for the possibility of guest blogging here!

Anna Karin Karlsson


  1. Hej Anna,

    ...Just completed the above post and your methods and suggestions are wonderful...The picture of your garden is beautiful. Our world does need much care and consideration.

    You bring civilization and graciousness to our lives...


    Phil E.

    1. Hello Phil!
      I am happy for your positive respond as this is truely important! Thank you so much for your special words about my post Varsågod - your welcome:)

      Anna Karin


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