Monday, 27 August 2012

Recycle, Reuse and ShareFest 2012

Having everything you need is really a gift that you should be thankful for. There are many people in the world that lives with less and still work hard to fill their needs. Being a person who lives with abundance you should share your blessings to others who are less fortunate.

Sharing to others what you have even big or small is a big help to them. As a citizen in this world it is your social responsibility to help. It gives a feeling of happiness that no money can buy.

Gary Cheney an independent insurance broker is a resident of Lenox who was once inspired on how to share their blessings to others. He is now the chairman of the New Lenox ShareFest organization. The organization focuses much of its attention on recycling and reuse but also has a collective eye trained on assisting senior citizens, feeding the hungry and preserving green space.

"When our family comes together-religion and politics are often a topic of discussion, "Cheney said. "One Thanksgiving back in '06, we were gathering as a family and there were a number of things in the world that had happened."

"One of our daughters brought up the question and said, 'What would you do to solve that? What would you do if you had all the money in the world?' It went around the table. 

Then, somebody said, 'Well, if I had all the money in the world, I would start a TV show or a news show and it would only be about good news.'

"People are beat up with all of the chaos that is going on. That's when that voice came to and said, 'It's time.' 

"That night he start to conceptualize the birth of his now Share Fest organization. It's been six years and they are still continuing doing their objectives."

"I see it as taking responsibility to do what I feel I've been called to do," he said. "That takes going out and making relationships to get it done. It's not me, really. You need to consider all of the people involved. We have 70 organizations involved in Share Fest."

They also encouraged everyone in the community to donate old clothing or used books. All of the items will be collected and recycled or redistributed, thanks to the work of Cheney's Share Fest team. This item will be distributed to the less fortunate children. This will also lessen their problem in their mounting rubbish clearance

"Well, first of all, the township and I am personally committed to recycling," Bill McCollum New Lenox Township Supervisor said. 

"As we know, it's a problem with the landfills. They're filling up all too quickly. And I think the EPA and others have taken the initiative that we need to be doing something better with these materials.

"The township has a charge with the recycling constituents here in New Lenox. They have voiced their concerns about this. They want to recycle. They want to be good stewards of the environment. They've told us that. And this is our response.

Reuse, reduce and recycle is the solution to the mounting problems of garbage in the community. We should all participate on how solve this. We should recycle those things we think is no use to us. This way we can save money on buying new things. We should also donate those items we can’t use anymore. This will be a big help to others.

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  1. Yes its important to share with others. I beleive its about creating more compassion in ones life. By doing that we will take a big step further on to a more love filled planet!

  2. There's nothing in this world that we can keep until the next life, anything we all have is temporary and so I believe that by being generous to others is being grateful for what you have. We all have to keep a good heart. Very nice blog, keep it coming.


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