Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Recyclarium-Educating The Youth About Recycling

A bright and colorful bus called "Recyclarium" will tour around New York City and teach children about recycling rubbish. This bus will hopefully teach children the effects of rubbish clearance in our environment.

The first stop will be the William Mc Kinley in the east village. The school has already made recycle success by reducing their rubbish to 85% through composting of food waste. Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott thanks the students and the school for making it successful garbage program.

“This school is operating like a lot of our schools, really taking a look at how they recycle, how they conserve energy, how they put new menu options in place,” he said. “All with the goal of making life better for our student not just now but students moving forward in the future.”

Principal Darlene Despeignes is optimistic that the "recyclarium" will increase students awareness about recycling.

“We really want to get the children to have a really good sense of why they’re doing it and to feel a sense of purpose so they’re really driven to become life long recyclers,” she said.

The "Recyclarium" was created by Sims Municipal Recycling. More schools will be on the travel list of recycle this year so be sure to be ready and start recycling the waste.

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