Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Law Requires Businesses To Promote Recycling

Since July 1, California State law mandates businesses to provide and implement recycling methods.
- Any business that generates 4 cubic yards or more of waste per week; and

- Multi-Family dwellings with five or more units.

California State law requires apartment owners to offer recycling services at residents' request. Apartment owners may require tenants to recycle. Businesses and Multi-Family communities that meet the threshold must recycle at the place of work or jobsite.

With this new law passed here are some suggestions where to recycle your rubbish.

-You can hire the services of a rubbish collection service near you.

-have a different bins for different garbage and bring the recyclables to the nearest recycling company in your area.

-You can also bring your rubbish to the nearest Material Recovery Facility (MRF) as long as they are segregated

-If there is a local recycling center near you then you can check them out if they are using single stream recycling which does not require any segregation and the cost is less than your average garbage service.

 The best way to reduce your garbage is to implement a comprehensive recycling plan with the help of your tenants.

1) Inform and educate workers and tenants about the new law.

2) Try to have a meeting or drop by and ask their suggestions on how to reduce the waste.

3) Have a note or list to teach them how to segregate trash to their proper bins.

4) Ask the help of the local agencies to conduct seminar or a meeting to fully understand the new mandate.

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  1. I don't think people or companies realize how easy it is to recycle. Yes, it may be something new and require some thought and training to start, but sooner than you think it just becomes a natural part of your routine.


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