Saturday, 29 December 2012

Swansea Recycles after Christmas Celebration

Waste Clearance London-The established Swansea Council recycling group is encouraging the community to find a better alternative on their holiday waste than dumping it into rubbish bins during the holiday season like they used to in the past years.

Christmas trees,decorations,ornaments  and lights can be stored again for next year's holiday decorations to save money and reduce waste on landfills.

Leftover food,bottles and cans can be reuse or recycled to increase the recycling rates of the city and help reduce waste that can harm the environment.

Unwanted gifts and still functioning products can be brought as donation to the latest Corner shop at Llansmlet Household Waste Recycling Center.

Trish Flint, recycling officer, said: "The festive period is a time of year where a lot of waste is produced, but there are many ways in which you can take simple steps to reduce the amount of waste you put in your black bags and in turn, save money.

"Swansea Council, like all other local authorities, has to hit a Welsh Government recycling target of 52 per cent by March or face the prospect of significant fines. So we all have to do our bit."

All items at the corner shop are being sold for £1 each including electronics stuff and the proceeds goes to the educational workshop conducted by Swansea's recycling volunteers.

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