Sunday, 16 December 2012

Worst Polluter Fined for £200K

A recycling company in Scotland was penalized with a record of £ 200,000 for burying waste underground without a Waste Management License.

Doonin Plant Ltd and director Gary Doonin, 47, were found guilty of two charges for keeping waste that will lead to environmental disaster.

Doonin sentence will take effect next year at Livingston Sheriff Court and has been cautioned not to cause further pollution or will be imprisoned.

According to the Company's QC John Hamilton told in court, the company is closing for business together with its 27 employees since he doesn't want to be in that kind of field anymore.

The penalty is the highest ever in Scotland for the violation of environmental regulations.

Doonin denied all the accusations and he thought that  he was single out by waste watchdog SEPA and will appeal the sentenced which concerns to the colliery site at Armadale, West Lothian.

Mr. Hamilton also pointed out that it was wrong for the Crown to state that they are the worst polluter in Scotland.

He said: “SEPA publishes a list of its worst polluters every year and Doonin Plant has never been on that list.

“There was no gas and no evidence of any watercourses being polluted.”

According to Sheriff Douglas Kinloch said the company was guilty of a "serious and significant breach" that can lead to hazard in the environment and public health.

He also showed that the company has been penalized for such charge a few months before the 2010 Armadale incidents and had prior convictions.

SEPA area manager Ian Buchanan said: “The sentence is a positive result for the public and legitimate waste operators.”

Craig Harris, head of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service wildlife and environmental crime unit, said: “Doonin Plant and Gary Doonin carried out activities with a total disregard for the environment – and not for the first time.”

by Waste Clearance London

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