Tuesday, 25 December 2012

West Sussex Begins Used Oil Recycling

used cooking oil waste clearance London
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Waste Clearance London-West Sussex County Council and its waste and recycling partner Viridor have join with renewable energy company Living Fuels LTD to assist homeowners in  recycling their used cooking oil for energy use.

Citizens of West Sussex will be able to pour their cooking oil in collection tanks in nine household waste recycling centers (HWRC ) beginning this Christmas. There are already several collections tanks in 14 of East Sussex HWRC. 

After the oil is collected, it is brought to Living Fuels recovery plan and process to become a bio-liquid called LF100.

The LF 100 then is then used for the sister company Living Power for  heat and power plants as a source of carbon neutral energy to provide the national grid for emergency power.

Bill Griffiths, Viridor’s National Recycling Manager, said: “Help make this year’s Christmas a greener one, and bring your cooking oil to one of the household waste recycling sites that are offering the service.

“The best thing to do is for people to put the used oil in plastic bottles, so we can recycle the container as well.

“Why not make the most of the journey by bringing along any other recyclable items left over from the festive season.”
Lionel Barnard, West Sussex County Council’s Deputy Leader, with responsibility for waste and recycling, said that the county’s recycling rates could be boosted if more people recycled their cooking oil.

He said: “In the UK, we are at the forefront of new technology with respect to recycling, which is illustrated with our excellent overall recycling rate of 44 per cent in West Sussex.

“However, we’re always looking for new things for people to recycle to help push this figure even higher, so are really pleased to be launching the service.”

Rob Murphy, Operations Director at Living Fuels, added: "Turning cooking oil into a chemical-free bioliquid results in higher levels of energy recovery than manufacturing carbon-hungry biodiesel, making our process the most sustainable use of waste vegetable oil.

He added: “[A]s well as providing a valuable source of renewable energy, recycling cooking oil can also help prevent it ending up in the sewerage network.”

Collection tanks for used household cooking oil will be set up at the following HWRCs:

Burgess Hill
Chichester (Westhampnett)
East Grinstead
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