Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Moving of Furniture and Huge Cabinets tips

Removing Furniture for Cleaning

I am always having a hard time cleaning my room. With all the stuff I have to move around, I might need two more people for moving furniture. My bed and cabinet are just so heavy that I can’t even push or pull it towards the other end of my room. After realizing a couple of things, here’s what I've done with my cabinet and bed. You could also do this on some other furniture you have whenever you want to do a general cleaning on your apartment or house all by yourself or house moving.

Slide, don't lift

If you think that your furniture is too heavy, don’t even try to lift it, chances of ending on a hospital or clinic due to the snapping of your back is high. Lifting things around your house has a proper way. Bend your knees, hold the thing to be lifted with your arms, straighten your back, and move. Know your limits and always remember you’re not an Iron man. You can always hire moving companies for tough task.

Use towels and cardboard

Placing some towels or cardboard underneath your furniture would lessen the effort that you need to exert to move your furniture. It will be easy for you to push or pull your furniture without leaving any scratches on the floor. I even think that placing the furniture on a carpet would make it easier to move around the house.

Magic sliders

Push or Pull

Pushing your furniture and cabinets would seem to be easy but actually, pulling has more advantages than pushing. Pulling things around towards their perfect location, you get to see what’s on your way and you get to lead the furniture towards the right path.

Empty your cabinets and furniture

Pushing, pulling, or lifting your furniture and cabinets will be easy if it is empty. Aside from considering the weight, it will prevent your things from falling. You know what a mess it will make when things inside your cabinets falls out of place.

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