Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Things You Can Recycle in the Office

Top Office Supplies for Recycling

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Have you ever noticed office recycling  bins with different colors in your office? They are not designed to fit the color of the room actually. They are color coded for different types of trash - biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable. It’s easy to determine which is which, common sense will tell you but a recycling information but be visible. Be helpful in segregating your trash, it’s a simple way of saving the environment. Here are some of commonly used supplies in your office which can be recycled or reused.

Office Supplies

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Folders, paper clips, rubber bands, binders, name it; you could always reuse these office supplies on another projects and paper works. Have a small rack that is accessible to your office mates and place everything that you don’t need, they could be looking for the supplies that you won’t be using anymore.


office clearance london What office does not use paper? Every office needs paper and for sure, they have lots of scratch papers. Remember, papers have two sides; you can always use the blank side of the scratch paper for drafts and other internal documents. Tons of trees were used in making papers. To think that tress has to grow for years to be used for papers, you’ll have to lessen your wasted papers.

File Folders

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File folders, especially the plastic ones, can be reused for other documents. Labeling them with adhesive labels could make you reuse them for another document. Edges might already be worn out but you could still use them for your filling.

Shipping Supplies
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Boxes, Styrofoam, packing paper, etc. can be reused. Scratch papers that have both sides printed can be used as packing material. Boxes and Styrofoam can be used to store your documents or other supplies. If they are of no use for you, try to give them to somebody who needs it. You don’t have to throw it away.

Computers and Computer Accessories

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If your computer and equipment does not work anymore, don’t throw it readily, some parts of your computer can still be recycle. You could always dismantle your computer and make spare parts out of it. If your computer is not that old and you don’t use it, donate it. It might be of use for others.

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