Saturday, 17 November 2012

Recycling in Your Own Home

Saving water 

You can save water in your home by hiring a plumber to redesign your water system so that it can recycle the water to flush the toilet after you take a bath. The water from the rain barrel is also a good source of free water to flush the toilet so an eco-friendly design is all you need.

Channel the water from the shower and sink to the garden plants so that you can maximize your water waste. Make sure you use a biodegradable soap that is not harmful to the environment so that you won't have a complicated filter for your water waste.

Making a Compost

Composting is one of the best ways to recycle.All you have to do is find a bin and dump it in. A little mixing once in a while can help. Trash from your garden and food waste can go to your  compost. Try to make a hanging garden once your compost is ready or donate it to the nearest plot in your area as soil. Making compost out of your food waste can make your garbage bins fill slowly and it won't smell as bad since it only contains non-recyclable materials. Later you can add paper and napkins in your compost as it becomes more active.

E-waste Recycling

Electronic gadgets recycling are now popular. Different companies have been creating their own program to recycle electronic products. Non-profit organizations fix old but still usable computers and donate them to schools. Other companies resell your gadgets to others at a lower price for others to reuse. Cell phones donated for soldiers and senior citizen's use.

Give away your old appliance to a repair shop, or training school so that they can practice repairing it. Most cities accept hazardous waste and electronics for recycling.

Avoid buying the things you don't need and avoid hoarding. You can save a lot of money by having only things that you really need. If your stuff is piling up then it is time to donate your things. Free cycle, Recyclers Exchange and Craigslist can be your savior for a clutter free home. Make it a habit to donate or recycle things when you don't use anymore.

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