Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Top 5 easy steps in cleaning the House

 5 easy steps in cleaning the House

Who wants a dirty house? But sometimes we don’t want to spend hours clearing the house especially to those who have kids and have a busy schedule. 

So here are 5 tips to have a clean house, more time with kids and to ourselves.

Trash It

1. Carry a garbage bag with you – the idea is to uncluttered the place before cleaning.

Examine closely the rooms for newspapers, magazines, receipts, etc and toss it in bag. Do this all around the house.  Get a box- this time it for the things you can donate or dispose. This are stuff that you just see hanging around and not of use, like the old toys which the kids don’t like, old pair of sneakers you seldom use.

2. After removing the unneeded stuff- time to start cleaning the room first. Make use of a basket gather things which should not be in the room like the unclean clothes and linens. Tidy up the bed, clear the tables and organize the books or files or even the closet.  After that it’s time to return the stuff to its proper place and put the linens and unclean shirts in the laundry room. If you have 2 or more rooms you can apply the following procedures until you’re done.

3. Using an all around stain remover spray it to the door knobs and wipe it. You can also spray it to toilet bowls, sink and scrub the dirt off and then dry the seat cover. Change the rugs and towels and straighten it up.

4.  For the Kitchen – do the step number, removed stuff that are not needed. Then get dishes done in the dishwasher.  If it’s too many and you have to manually wash the remaining plates make sure to remove the left over from the plates before putting it in the sink. I do this to avoid my sink from getting clogged up. Have mix of warm and soapy water in wiping the cabinets, counter-top  tabletops and counter tops. You can dry stainless appliance or if it has smudges. After that you can vacuum the kitchen.

5. Hit the living areas with vacuum and mop up the floor. Grab a sponge or string mop and you may focus on cleaning the rubbish areas and spills if there are any.

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