Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rubbish Clearance London High Buildings A Tall Task

Rubbish Clearance London
Recycling organizations have expressed their sentiments on government officials to  intensify the recycling efforts being done on residences located on  high rise buildings  since thousands of homeowners don't have the proper venue to recycle their rubbish.

High rise residents only recycle around 10% of their garbage which is below the 43% national average for recycling.

Latest reports on most high rise residential building  recycling showed problems such as low to zero recycling and food waste collections.

Most collections sites are located at the bottom of the building which is more economical than a door to door type of rubbish clearance London but the result is a low recycling turn out.

Rubbish Removal London
Despite this problem the London waste and Recycling board through a proper implementation of their program have increased their recycling collection in London Districts. Hackney area have produces 11000 tonnes of dry recycling materials and 654 tonnes of food waste in high rise building since 2010.

The suggestions of the report is to create its own unique strategy for each tower blocks and increase the budget for recycling  to include areas outside of London.

Another suggestion is a partnership between housing business owners and recycling volunteer organization to look for vacant      areas for the implementation of  their own recycling programs.

Edward Hobson , Deputy Director of Green Alliance said : “Doing the green thing is difficult for individuals in tower blocks because often they do not have direct control over their heating, power and waste collection. 

“But we should prioritize transforming this communal infrastructure as it offers real potential to engage communities and deliver significant improvements for everyone in the block.” 

An estimated 390,000 flats in high rise blocks in England. Recycling programs must be done soon in order to safeguard our environment.
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