Sunday, 25 November 2012

Office Clean Up Organizing Papers

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Piled papers on your desk? Missing reports?  Cannot find a very important file? That’s a headache. You’ll have to look over every file you have on your filing cabinet or on the piles of papers on your desk. Aside from the headache that you’ll be having, you’re going to spend a couple of minutes or even hours looking for your missing report, what a stress! 

Here are some to-dos to organize your files.

Sort by category

Have a list of the major categories of your files. Choose a broad category so you won’t have a long list, remember, you’re files are numerous. Sorting them into categories might take a couple of minutes to hours but hey, it won’t take forever to look for them.

Shred or recycle papers

If the files you have are not of importance, don’t let it occupy your desk or filing cabinet. You might mistaken them as one of your files. Don’t even think of throwing them away. You could always use the back pages for your drafts. Confidential files always go to the shredder. You’d rather have them shredded as they might fall into the wrong hands.

Sort by priority

Don’t mix your important files with the drafts you made. You might mistaken it as a scratch paper. Always sort your files according to its importance. Files that need signing should be placed on the spot where you could see it so you won’t forget that those files need signing. 

Document filing

In filing, you may use filing cabinets and color coded folders. Filing cabinets have layers. You may use the different layers for different categories of files and documents. With the use of color coded folders, the chance of misplacing your files on other folders is low. You don’t want to search over your piles of documents for a single paper, right?

Be organized

After sorting everything, don’t be lazy in placing your new files accordingly. Keeping your files organized would save you a lot of time looking for it plus, you won’t be stressed looking on the pile of papers on your desk.

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