Wednesday, 18 July 2012

APPLE and EPEAT Still Together For the Environment

The protest from environmental organizations,responsible citizens and loyal customers like San Francisco community who openly criticized and boycott their products have been heard and Apple now will be submitting its ELIGIBLE product to Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certification program, except for the latest MacBook Pro Retina model.

Apple hardware SVP Bob Mansfield wrote on their Apple's website that they have heard their customers plea and will be returning back to EPEAT.

"We've recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to learn that we had removed our products from the EPEAT rating system," Mansfield said. "I recognize that this was a mistake. Starting today, all eligible Apple products are back on EPEAT."

The latest MacBook Pro Retina could never pass EPEAT certification since Apple sacrifice reparability and recyclability in which the glass screens and battery was glued and not screwed.

Gary Cook, senior policy analyst for Greenpeace International aid Apple was making a false choice between design and recyclability. Apple's exit from EPEAT as "a step backwards from what had previously been quite good environmental leadership," and noted that technology products should "last longer and be repairable."

In his letter, Mansfield insists that Apple continues to lead the industry in its environmental practices. "[W]e make the most energy-efficient computers in the world and our entire product line exceeds the stringent ENERGY STAR 5.2 government standard," he wrote. "No one else in our industry can make that claim."

Greenpeace  thinks that Apple Management is just all talk and that they have not followed what they have promise to use renewable energy for their Data Centers like EBAY and other companies.

In the long run  it will be beneficial for the environment since APPLE and EPEAT will try update their products and certifications.

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