Sunday, 22 July 2012

Have you Tried Working Out on A Green Gym?

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There are many gyms nowadays are eco-friendly. They realize that being healthy is not enough we should also need a clean environment. That's why the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based fitness centre, which opened last spring as one of the state's first eco-friendly gyms, puts its patrons' hard work to use with energy-harnessing cardio machines that capture and reclaim the power produced by users.

The elliptical machines and fitness bikes found at Off the Grid, manufactured by SportsArt Fitness and PlugOut Fitness, respectively, are part of the fitness industry's push towards sustainability. They offer also self-powered treadmills, which consume no energy at all.

Off the Grid founder Eric Guilleminault got the idea from Adam Boesel, founder of the Green Microgym in Portland, Ore. and the inventor of the PlugOut fitness bikes.

Guilleminault also used recycled construction material and weightlifting machines when possible and installed bamboo flooring, a far more sustainable resource than hardwood. His locker rooms include dual flush toilets and low-flow faucets and showerheads to eliminate water waste, too.

Being a green gym who promotes eco-friendly machines is not a guarantee that they can survive for a long period of time. They have competitors that have many machines which are more appealing to the gym enthusiast than what they offer.

"This is really a case study," founder Eric Guilleminault said of Off the Grid. "If it works out then great, if it doesn't, at least we tried."

The important thing is they tried to at least help our problem with our environment. They believe that we should also give back to the environment by using an eco-friendly machines which is less harmful to everyone.

It is a great move for the Off the grid to introduce not only eco-friendly machines to the gym enthusiast but also they do make an efforts in recycling, reducing energy and water usage, using environmentally friendly products throughout the gym, and fostering green initiatives in the community.

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