Thursday, 26 July 2012

Walking and Cycling Green to the 2012 London Olympics

Imagine lighting the walkway going to the Olympic park using only just the footsteps of million spectators who will be watching the Olympic Games live.

Pavegen Systems Ltd. was task to develop this pioneering renewable technology that will be used for the foot bridge in the West Ham Station going to the Olympic Park.

Twelve energy-harvesting floor tiles that are installed in the floors that connect the West Ham Station to the Greenway walking path to the Olympic Park are predicted to accept 12 million steps and produce 72 million joules of energy during the games. This is enough to energize 10000 cellphone in one hour.

The energy derive from the floor tiles will be use to light the route for eight hours at maximum power during the night and 2/3 of the day at 50% power. It will have a surplus of 35% extra power that will be harvested by batteries to be used for backup power during maintenance.

Hugh Sumner, director of transport at the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), said, "The widespread use of energy-efficient technology is one of the main features of London 2012. This foot-powered lighting system for one of the main walkways into the Olympic Park is just one of the many sustainable initiatives the ODA have deployed during the Games and will really get people thinking about how an individual can make a difference, while getting to and from their events."

London 2012 will also be promoting walking and cycling through its Active Travel program. It will ensure easy walk or cycle to the games by adding maps that has options to different cycling routes , 150 walks and 425 rides and a user friendly planner for cyclist.

Sumner said, "Cycling is a fun and healthy way to get around at Games time. The ODA and its partners have made a significant investment to ensure London 2012 is a sustainable transport Games. All London 2012 venues are accessible by bike and free, secure, managed cycle parking will also be available at each location."
"An investment of over five billion pounds has been brought forward to try and provide the best possible public transport infrastructure," said Shaun McCarthy, chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London an independent watchdog group responsible for ensuring the Games' sustainability goals are being tracked and met.

"You know everybody is cynical about public transport in London," McCarthy acknowledged. "There may be days when it does not work quite as well as we would like it to. But I think the legacy of public transport is going to be fantastic."

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