Sunday, 29 July 2012

Benefits of Buying A Green Homes

There are many benefits that we can get if we turned to being eco-friendly. We should use environment friendly products and patronizing eco-friendly stores by using all of this we are also helping to minimize our global problem. We are hitting two birds with one stone.

Listed below are the benefits that we can get by making your home eco-friendly or buying a green home.

1. Lower utility and water bills.
We can save more money in our bill in water and electricity if we turn off the light when not use and avoid using the appliances simultaneously and we can conserve water by using glass in brushing our teeth and washing the dishes manually instead of dishwasher.

2. Healthier indoor air quality.
We could have healthy indoor air by putting plant inside our house and also by maintaining the cleanliness in our home. In this way the air that circulate inside the house are clean because it was absorb by the plant plus the being clean in ourhome we can avoid many diseases that could harm us.

3. Tax benefits
The government offers several tax breaks and incentives for efficiency upgrades to homes of renewable energy and energy efficiency. They are promoting to use renewable energy to help us minimized the problem in electricity.

4. Higher real estate resale value.
Many people are acquiring the eco-friendly living. They also turn their home into green-certified homes. The result of this the property value of their house turns up to 18 percent less time and for 28 to 37 percent higher value per square foot.

5. Improved durability and less maintenance.
It is better if we use wood floorings in our house than the traditional carpet flooring. It is less maintenance plus the cost is much lower and can be used for a longer time.

6. Reduced waste sent to landfills.

We should recycle what can be re-used. We should think 100 times before putting our things in the garbage bin. Maximize the use of all the things that we have and in this way we can save money we can help our environment in reducing waste.

7. Enhance and protect biodiversity and eco-systems.
Protect our forest. Let us help to stop illegal logging and quarrying. We should plant more trees to help our eco system.

8. Conserve and restore natural resources.
We should help stop mining which could destroy are natural resources. We should cooperate in preserving our natural resources by planting more trees, conserving water, use renewable energy and recycling.

9. Better for the environment.
We should patronize home products which are eco-friendly and living in a green home means that you're helping reduce the causes of climate change in our world.

10. Optimize life-cycle of a home.
Being green at home can extend the life the people living with it. The greenest homes are sustainable, meaning they were built to last and work effectively for generations.

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  1. Nice post. Interesting to read on how value your home will be for the sake of the Earth.


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