Saturday, 14 July 2012

EBAY Going Green and Clean

Climate Change is one of the major problems of our world today due to modernization. Many factors have brought this “climate change” and most of it because of the misuse of mankind.

One online marketplace has made a bold move to help solve the problem about climate change and that is EBAY. They are planning to power their main data centre in Utah primarily with renewable energy in partnership with Bloom Energy, they plan to install large scale fuel cells powered by biogas.

Biogas is a gas produced by the biological breakdown or organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It can provide a clean, easily controlled source of renewable energy from organic waste materials for a similar labor input replacing fossil fuels.

Other electronic companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google followed what EBay has been started. These companies also announced their plan of using renewable energy in their main plant.

This is to comply with the campaign of Greenpeace "How clean is your cloud?"

It is not too late to act responsibly now. We could still save our ozone layer from destruction. Let us be more careful with our modern things because this is where it all started. The pollution that our unrepaired appliances emit goes into our ozone layer that caused the climate change. A proper E-waste disposal should be followed.

Try to use renewable energy instead of our limited natural resources to lessen further damage to our ozone layer. It would be a big reduction to the carbon emissions we put on our ozone layer.

Let us all help our share to solve the problem of ozone layer thinning so that we could give a brighter future for our children.

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