Monday, 2 July 2012

Rubbish Clearance London: Six Recycling Tips for a Greener You

More people are now promoting recycling because it will not only help you save more money but also prevents you from getting sick because of the many diseases that come from garbage. Every year millions of tons of garbage are thrown in the dump site. Soon enough the World will be field with garbage if we will not limit ourselves from throwing one. Here are the tips on how you can recycle your garbage.

Recycle food Peelings

Food peelings like in the fruits and vegetable can be use as fertilizer in the soil.

 Re-use old clothes or towels

Don't easily throw away old, worn out clothes and towels. Because it can be used as rags, mops. And it can also recycle into more useful stuff like bags.

Don't waste food

It is cliche to say that "many people don't have anything to eat in their table so you better savor and eat the food you have right now". It is very true. So don't waste your food, if you have left over put it in the freezer and you can eat it again next time.

Save paper

Millions and millions of trees are cutting in order to have us a paper that we can write and print to. We should save the paper by writing on the other side. Or we can use cork board instead of paper for our memos.

Recharge your batteries

It is better if you have battery charge for your gadgets. You will not only save money in the long run but also you can help to save more energy and electricity. Just make sure that when the battery is full unplugged it from the supply.

Reduce plastic bottles

If we can help it, avoid using plastic bottles because there are chemical contents that are harmful to the body. Instead use glass bottle.

Recycling everything we have is one way of helping our nation. By doing so, we could have a clean and healthy environment. Just make sure that before we use are recycled materials it is clean.

Rubbish Clearance London-Clear It Waste

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