Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rubbish Clearance London:Kenyan School for Girls Saves Trees

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Many people now are being encourage to recycle all the things they have in their house in order to reduce their everyday expenses. By doing so, they were able to help Mother Nature by reducing the garbage that being thrown in the garbage bin. 

A school for girls in Kenya is changing the way their views about recycling. They used bio-gas from student waste as cooking materials by replacing their old charcoal and firewood. 

This is their way of saving the trees from cutting.Also to save the environment from air pollution that will be brought by making charcoal. They are making this a campaign to encourage other schools to follow them. So that in the near future if everybody will do the same, we can reduce soil erosion in the mountain because of cutting trees and charcoal making plus we could breathe an air free from pollution.

The officials of the school said that using bio-gas from waste of the students is not harmful to the body. It is proven and tested. Because the process of creating bio-gas was from bio-digester that was buried under the ground where the good bacteria helps to produced gas that eventually transferred to the kitchen as bio-gas.

This project was very helpful because the school save a big amount from buying fuel monthly. Even the local residents we're beginning to like the idea and try it at home.

Our world has a big problem about climate change and if we don't start now to help to solve this problem we will not have a bright future for our children. 
Recycling is one way to resolve our problem to climate change and there are many ways if you just try to look for solutions and you will find it in yourself.


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