Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Recycle your Cellphones and Earn some Cash

If you have been buying the latest cellphones and still have the old but still functional old model units then maybe you can recycle ,donate and earn some cash.

Here are some list for you to recycle, give it away or trade-in for cash your old phones.

Cellphonesforsoldiers-A non-profit organization dedicated to providing deployed and returning troops cost-free methods to communicate with family while serving in the United States military.


Founded with a clear vision: to offer a safe, simple, and environmentally responsible outlet for used gadgets – and to allow anyone to “Get Paid to Renew.”Step one:Search for and select your devices. Describe their condition & receive an immediate offer!Step two:Ship your devices to them using UPS. Shipping is free for orders with value, and the order is tracked from your door to to YouRenew.Step three:Once they receive your order, they will inspect the device, and send payment to you via check or PayPal.


Secure Trade In is powered by ReCellular, Inc., the world’s oldest and largest phone reuse and recycling company. Founded in 1991, ReCellular’s award-winning programs have kept more than 20 million phones out of our landfills.Step one- helps you look for your cellphone, manufacturer and model.
Step two- Evaluate the condition of your phone with just an easy click of the mouse.Step three- Send your phone and get paid. Chargers and accessories are not required.

You will receive a check after they receive the device and match your offer. An email confirmation will also inform you that your check will be there soon.


Step one- Get a free offer: Simply find your gadget and answer a few easy questions.Step two-Ship it to Gazelle: It is free for items worth $1 or more. They will check out your gadget as soon as they receive it.Step three- Get paid fast: Choose from check, Amazon gift card and I love it because they have PayPal.They even buy broken iPhones.

eBay Instant Sale

eBay Instant Sale was conceived by a team of eBay employees in early 2010 who debuted the idea – then called “Resell, Reuse, Recycle” – at eBay’s Innovation Expo. To date, the program has generated more than four million offers for devices that range from smartphones to iPads to laptop computers, and has established itself as one of the most competitive electronics trade-in destinations on the web.

Amazon ElectronicsTrade-In

Search for items to trade in. Your trade-in items must meet the product eligibility criteria.Print a shipping label and packing slip, package your items, and ship them for FREE.An Gift Card will be deposited into your account upon receipt of items.

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