Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Would You Wear 100 Percent Recyclable Sneakers?

Many clothes, shoes and bags nowadays is being recycled to make it new again to suit the taste of the wearer because admit it if we don't like our shoes or clothes after several use then they go to the shelves or in the garbage bins.

Recycling this item doesn't mean we need to change the materials or torn the item and make it new. No. 

Recycling  means we will only improve the look of the item to suit the taste of its owner. We will only remix and create a new look. 

 The idea of recycling the shoes came up when millions of shoes wind ups in landfills each year so this born the Remix sneakers. It's creator made a new looks to the old and worn out sneakers by simply putting arts in it to make it look new again. This is made from 100% recyclable materials. Rubbish Clearance London 

 The idea of creating these recyclable sneakers is to advocate and initiate the improvements in recycling. This recycling item should be worn proudly. This is one way of promoting eco-enthusiasm and a green lifestyle. 

 Wearing fashionable items doesn't need to be costly. It should be affordable and can be used for a longer period. And it would be much better if it's made from 100% recyclable material. You not only help the industry promoting recycling products but also you help to contribute to have us a clean and safe environment. 

 “The mission is not only to deliver an enjoyable sustainable sneaker, but also to advocate and initiate improvements in recycling,” Gagnon wrote on the Kickstarter page. “REMYXX are to be worn proudly as a means to share your eco-enthusiasm and instill the importance of products, companies, and individual behaviors that promote and demonstrate good recycling and a green lifestyle.”

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