Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Greenest 2012 London Olympics

Athletes and delegates that will be joining the London Olympics will be flushing the toilet coming from London residents water sewage systems in order to become the most eco-friendly Olympics.

To make the Olympics green a water recycling plant at the Olympic Park located in Stratford converts sewage water for flowers, plants, gardens and toilets.

Thames Water, the developer of the £7 million water plant said it takes approximately 36 hours for non potable to be used in toilets from London residents to the non-drinking water system at the Olympic Park which goes to different treatment at Old Ford, the UK's biggest black water recycling plant.

Water Minister Richard Benyon said: “It is our goal to create a safe and sustainable water supply in the future and projects such as this have a crucial role to play. By using ‘black water', which is safely recycled, the Old Ford plant will stop fresh water being used where it isn't needed, helping to make this the greenest games ever.”

The Thames head of innovation added that it is important to recycle and reuse water even if the hosepipe ban was remove last month.

Rupert Kruger added: “Old Ford is helping London 2012 do that, while also helping with vital research to help London cope with future droughts. Dual-purpose water supply networks are the sustainable way forward.”

With a daily outcome of 574,000 liters, it is adequate to use for 80,000 comfort rooms daily. The Olympic Parks dependency to drinking water being used for toilets  is reduced by 58%.

From April 5 and July 17, the water recycling system has already provided 24.1Million liters water ready for use in Olympic Parks toilet and garden.

The water from Northern Outfall Sewer constructed in 1800s goes to the water recycling plant which is under the Greenway walk and cycle way near Olympic Park. It also gets water from north London to Beckton sewage works system.

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